The recording of the Capricorn Full Moon Release call is available

Use this 63-minute MP3 to make the most of the Capricorn Full Moon!

Ascended Master Djehuty leads you through a process of becoming deeply grounded – connected to the Earth. What follows is an explanation of the invitation of the Capricorn Full Moon unfolding the meaning of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn opposing it. Then Djehuty leads you through a series of affirmations to release a variety of family issues from the past that you may have carried forward including judgment, criticism, expectations of who you would turn out to be, what you might have had to sacrifice to be accepted by family, and others. Energy work on this call is in tandem with the releasing affirmations.

Due to the nature of his consciousness, Djehuty remains available to facilitate this process for you – including doing energy work as he did for each caller – as long as the recording exists. This is another powerful, transformative call with the Ascended Master.

Order it here.

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