After the First Pluto-Uranus Square and the Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moons tend to be times of heightened emotion, and we’re coming off the intensity of the first of the seven squares between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

Whatever that’s been coming up for you with the Pluto-Uranus square, you’re being asked to make firm decisions to change in the direction of deeper authenticity and to free yourself from what constricts and confines you.

On the other hand the Capricorn Full Moon (read my post The Capricorn Full Moon: The Shape of Love) at 11:51 am Pacific time yesterday has revealed to you what attachments to the past and ideas of who you are that were shaped by earlier experience needed to be let go of in order to care for yourself more appropriately as the person you have become today. It also showed you the need to do something productive for yourself now that furthers who you are headed to becoming.

The combination can lead to a lot of energy swirling. As always, I encourage you to get grounded because swirling emotions lead us to think in ways that are not always straight. Our minds can spin out while attempting to make sense of the feelings we are dealing with, and just for the record, our minds often do not know what to do with them! Getting grounded and staying in our bodies pulls in more parts of us that can in fact be capable of working through swirling, intense, or deep emotions effectively. Go to my homepage and download a free 13-minute meditation MP3 to get grounded from the right-hand side of the page if you would like to explore this.

And even beyond these two recent astrological events, many of us are feeling the effects of the behind-the-scenes processes of the evolution of consciousness, the name of the game on Earth right now. Even if you have not gotten on board for it, it’s happening. For some it consists of emotions from the past coming to the surface to be dealt with. This looks like things coming up that we thought we had taken care of years or decades ago. But the thing is that now we are better able because of the behind-the-scenes processes of that evolution to shed identities we formed in the past based on what happened to us and how we were treated by others and come into a state of presence and be able to see that we are energetic beings, or souls, or portions of Divine Intelligence or All That Is. It’s been a crazy time for many since the ramp-up to and then the end of the Mayan Calendar in late October of 2011.

So where are you? Are you swirling? If so, get grounded and make the commitment to learning how to deal with what is up for you. Make the choice to step back from the impulse to check out when things are tough. Decide that you can handle whatever comes up from the shadows of your inner psychic basement.

Ascended Master Djehuty will lead you through a process of releasing the past if you use the recording from the Full Moon Grounding and Release Call from Monday. Donate something (on a sliding scale of $10-25) and I will send you the link to download the MP3. It’s okay that the Full Moon has passed – the effects of this powerful and empowering work are available as long as the recording exists and you give Djehuty permission to be in your space to support you and do energy work.

There are six more squares over the next three years between Pluto and Uranus. None of us will escape the invitations to shed the past and choose to be more authentic that these two outer planets are bringing us. The question is not about what terrible things can we look forward to with these pressures but can we become willing to choose change in the face of necessity? It can be easy to see the pressure applied by outer planets in transit and want to feel overwhelmed. But they want you to make the decision that you are worth love, dignity, and respect, and they want you to decide that you are worth surviving.

Get grounded and work with Djehuty to release energies from the past that do not belong to and do not serve you. This will create a space within you to make these self-interested decisions and invest in yourself by doing for you what brings you alive and makes you love the life you are living on this planet.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do. Eleven books including the new Lilith: Healing the Wild, two original natal reports, and numerous astrology and channeled MP3s are available through Get a discounted and amazing reading all about Lilith in your chart for a limited time.