Rx Saturn in Scorpio trine rx Mercury-Sun-Venus in Pisces

Retro Saturn in Scorpio has been requiring that we get realistic about what empowers and disempowers us. The truth will set you free and related cliches are appropriate now. In Scorpio we have to let what is under the surface rise up into conscious awareness. This is how we can free ourselves from the tyrannies of fear, secrecy, paranoia, anger, and jealousy.

The planets passing through Pisces recently each move into and out of a trine with the planet of seriousness and maturity. The ideal is a reality check on where our attention and energy go. The Pisces urge is to surrender control but Saturn wants us to exercise will in order to give shape to things.

Have you been seeing the possibility to surrender control but knowing you still need to be in action to get something done?

Because Saturn is retrograde the methods of structure and control need to be revisited. It can make for an interesting process wherein you have to do something but all the ways you would normally do it just won’t work. Often you can feel that before even trying them.

So go ahead and do things – structure, concretize, plan. But allow that you are in need of expanding your repertory through a process of not feeling comfortable with your existing skills and tools.

Let things work differently now and you can free yourself from creating the same old thing – right now, it’s just not going to serve you.

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