Learn to See Karma and Past Lives in Birth Charts

rtsjBeginning April 8th for 7 Mondays I’ll teach you how to see karma and past lives in birth charts.

From client and student feedback, the approach to astrology you can study with me will take you to the core messages of a chart. If you understand where a person has been – in terms of past lives and karma – then you can help that person steer her or his way into a better life now.

We are each living out the themes our souls have chosen for us – and we’re each repeating our karma until we figure out the message and learn to change it (yes, karma can be changed! I’ll teach you how). Each life to some degree echoes and reflects a bunch of other lives.

The way that I analyze birth charts can help you focus on helping people where it counts in their lives. Astrology doesn’t have to be an intellectual pursuit in which memorization of arcane rules is the only important thing – I will teach you how to see the soul and the heart of the person whose chart you are working with.

The details are in the flier. Register for this affordable class via PayPal (link in the flier), check, or credit card – call me to arrange for that. Contact me at (213) 925-6019 with any questions.

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