Transit Lab: Moon conjuncts Neptune square Neptune

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve remembered many dreams. Meetings with guides of various kinds however I often remember well into waking. This is from this morning:

I am in a Sprouts grocery store (a local chain) in the check out line.  The man in line behind me and I begin to speak.  He is tall, well over 6 feet, and has a beard.  Dressed casually.  I have a vague hint that he seems familiar.  I feel that I need to talk to him more after we are each walking away from the store and to our cars.

I am then somehow in his huge home.  Friends and I have gone there and it is to be a short visit to pick something up or leave something.  I see him briefly and now he has no beard and I am entirely sure that I have seen him before.  I think he must be someone well-known and I decide to ask his wife.  He goes elsewhere and I don’t see him again.  I tell her I hope this is not inappropriate but I feel I’ve seen her husband before and ask from where I might know him.  She steps down from a few stairs up until she is on the step above me.  She is stunning.

She is kind and talks with me for a few minutes.  Two infants are on a couch behind us, with their backs to us.  One is Caucasian and one is brown, genders indeterminable from this angle.  As we talk her face appears as painted in blues and white, reminding me of a modernist painting.  At one point she gets close to my face not in an intimate move but it seems that it is about getting her mouth close enough to my face so that I know that she can devour others, perhaps just men – I don’t know.  But I am clear that she can help me understand who her husband is and I do not feel threatened.

She tells me vague, nondescript things about her husband and I realize that he is associated with Djehuty.  I assume that he is a channel and I say to her trying to get affirmation, “So he’s a channel.”  She doesn’t address this directly but indicates through vague responses that he doesn’t use it.  I get excited because I remember where I have seen him before and it was at another Sprout’s location.  The other one I remembered from a dream but when I woke realized that it doesn’t exist.  But it was a dream in the last year or two in which I met this man at the store and we talked and exchanged business cards.  It was a professional contact and I was glad to meet him.  I thought he was also glad to meet me.

I told her that I have met him and we’ve talked an that he has my card.  She said something to me that indicated that he could use focus and to learn to use the information that comes through and the channel itself.  I am excited and tell her that this is my full-time job and that I can teach him to use it and to benefit from the information he might receive.  I feel this is important and I realize that my wallet has no business cards as I put them in my shoulder bag.  I tell her again that I know that he has my card.

Her attitude is that she cannot say he is not a channel but that she also cannot say that he is.  Her face has turned back to non-painted at some point during this conversation and I know it is time to rejoin my friends so we can leave.  I realize that they have been waiting for me this whole time and likely do not know where I am or what I have been doing.

I am next in a garage-type waiting area of the couple’s home.  It is soon that my friends will be here and they will want to leave.  I am looking at some pieces of mail on a table next to where the cars will drive in and out of the garage.  There is a variety of mail and much of it is not for the family.  I do not recognize the names and it seems that it is intended for other people and in fact needs to be returned to the post office as undeliverable.  I wonder if these are business contacts and he for some reason has their mail.  I find in the pile a book with a note next to some text, “from Dje.” and I realize he is one of Djehuty’s people.  This is what he does not know about himself and I get the sense that he has not made direct contact with Djehuty and this is why I have come into his life a second time.  I do not know for certain how I learned his name but it might have been through this book or a guide telling me while looking at the book and seeing the attribution: Paul Ramblitch.

My friends come back in one by one.  I am surprised to see them because I haven’t seen them in real life for quite a while.  They are ready to go and I wake.

There are in fact a good deal of people associated with Djehuty, the ascended master a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin. It’s not uncommon for me to meet someone and we feel comfortable with each other, with the connection revealed quickly.

So I wake up write down the name on a piece of paper next to the bed. Then I figured out how to move again – still in alpha state and in the dream space – and found my computer to type out the above. Next I searched for this name and came up short. Then truncating the search to the last name I found a blog entry from a 16-year old female human who is admittedly obsessed with Anne Hathaway, some animations of whom from last year’s Les Miserables movie appear on the page. “Ramblitch” from the context I presume is a combination of “rambling” and “bitch.”

Then I am thinking that I am not done processing the intense stuff that came up when I saw that movie last weekend. Hathaway’s dealio as Fantine devastated the part of me that holds grief and terror within my energetic field at bay. I was so affected I asked my girlfriend to go back the next day and see it again with me. The sadness within me opened even deeper and for almost a week now I’ve been processing it. The character’s song has some line about the dream she dreamed was so different from the hell she’s living and it just cut through to some deep part of me.

I’ve been writing and editing The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study and in the process of healing other-life (past-life) issues regarding when reality differs from what you hoped you’d experience. The last few months I’ve been making progress – I thought! – and now something deeper opened up regarding this. Actually I have made wicked progress and things are much better but often when you’re doing good work it ramps up just enough for you to proceed – it doesn’t happen faster or deeper than you can handle.

It’s not uncommon for guides to put our attention on things through dreams. I experience this as dreams I classify as “meetings” wherein there seems something serious and logical unfolding – they’re not jumbles or mish-mashes of images and emotions. They are meetings and I can tell I would benefit from listening. And over the last few years these are the only kinds of dreams I remember.

This kind of guidance hasn’t always happened in dreams. Long before my Neptunian opening a decade ago I found what I think of as trails of bread crumbs with such suggestions. The first one took over a year to play itself out – until I got the message and the nudges ceased coming. I might not remember all the details but there was a pen that kept finding its way to me from the Roland Construction company. It was always in my space seemingly no matter where I left it. It might sound silly but it couldn’t be a coincidence given the frequency of when I found this thing in my hand. Another couple of Roland references made me purchase The Song of Roland, that ol’ Medieval lit classic about chivalry, heroism, and culturally-manufactured ideas of romance that have entirely left us confused about what love is. Reading the book seemed to go nowhere and then I spent a month between semesters in my last year in college with my sister and her husband, who had moved to Orlando, FL. Then somehow I became aware of Virginia Woolf’s book Orlando and that was the point the whole time.

I read the book and was able to start thinking more clearly about gender issues that hadn’t gotten attention in my mind and heart. Next I saw the Sally Potter film adaptation and I knew the circle was complete. Kind of a long story to say that this was guidance coming through long before I knew anything about guidance. This would have been 1994-5 and my intuitive opening – including when I first met some of my guides – in 2003-4.

And I’m now in my Neptune square, the time around mid-life for those of us alive now that has transiting Neptune squaring natal Neptune. There’s an invitation to recapture something about Neptune that I’ve lost or forgot. Dreams might be part of it – how dreams can contain useful information after several years of writing so much while awake that my dreaming self seems utterly exhausted and worthless. Or maybe that I’ve been in my head so much while writing all these books? Could be.

I know for certain that music is calling to me again and am exploring taking lessons again. Transiting Neptune is in my 5th squaring Neptune natally in my 2nd, so creativity (5th) and skills (2nd) are here connected. So it might be time to gain some new Neptunian skills in order to bring out my 2nd house through my 5th.

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