Sun Transits in the Birth Chart

With transits, the best and most prevalent approach is to pay attention to the slower movers, say Jupiter on out. They build up steam over time, and have obvious effects. The inner planets just don’t stay long enough anywhere to create or stir major change.

free_t12 sunThat said, there’s a way of looking at the Sun’s circuit around your birth chart each year that can explain some things. I seem to realize the importance of this when I feel a bit slow and ineffective, and can’t seem to get anything done. And that happens without fail each year in late September, when the Sun’s moving through my 12th house. My girlfriend gets the credit for putting my attention on this when we moved in together. We had to learn to get used to each other’s solar-transit rhythms as described here.

My Ascendant is 12 Libra, and so in the first week in October each year the Sun crosses into my 1st house. For the prior month, I’m a bit more tired, a bit slow, and while in deep way motivated as always, in fact unable to make much of anything happen. (Today, in fact, it took me about 4 hours to muster the motivation to go to a copy/print place to scan a photo to go on the new channeled book out soon. I watched myself be unable to move in ways that would enable leaving the house, marveling at the thorough and sustained inaction.)

In your own chart, think of the transiting Sun as a giant flashlight. As it moves about a degree per day, your attention is put on something in your self and life, but just for about 2 days (figure a degree before and after sensitive points and planets are relevant).

All the major aspects throughout the year add up, but each has little effect. But when you consider the Sun transiting through a house and a quadrant, it’s different.

Look for the contrast between each cadent house (3, 6, 9, & 12) and the angular house that follows it (1, 4, 7, & 10). The Sun crossing your angles can put a renewed emphasis on that part of you and your life.

When it’s in your 12th house, it might be time to unplug and recharge. Rest, meditation, and non-thinking time in nature and with animals can be restorative. 12th-house transits always put our attention on how we can better fit into the fabric of reality that surrounds us, and we can become more sensitive to energy and psychic input during these times. With the Sun here, let things unfold as they need to.

It will next cross your Ascendant, the beginning of your 1st house. You’ll feel energized and ready to get stuff started (if not finished). Your relationship with your body and your ability to show up as you might be renewed. Consider that the quiet time in the 12th house makes this renewal possible, and approach the next year’s 12th-house time with more intentionality given this.

When it’s in your 3rd house, you’re likely running around and gathering data, learning about the world and what comprises it. It’s easy to be overstimulated when the Sun’s in your 3rd house, but isn’t life just chock full of awesomeness? When the Sun crosses into your 4th, you’ll naturally want to slow down and look at what you feel and need, and you might even think about home and family relationships. Your inner and outer foundations are the focus during this time.

The Sun moving through your 6th house puts the light of conscious attention on how things get done, routine, health, and how you relate to the call to take responsibility for things in your world. You’ll realize that something in you or your world isn’t perfect, and during this time you’ll at least consider doing something about it. When the Sun crosses into your 7th house, you’ll want to take your better self and life and share it with another or others.

Finally, when the Sun’s moving through your 9th house, you’ll think about big-picture things. Your worldview might be stirred or stimulated, or challenged or upgraded through encountering differing viewpoints. When the Sun moves over your Midheaven into the 10th house, you’ll want to take what you learned that’s true about you and life out into the world and make something about it manifest in the world in some way.

The most marked effect I notice in my own life is when the Sun’s in my 12th (17 Virgo to 12 Libra each year). When it crosses my Ascendant, I feel free to be myself again. Life seems full of possibilities! (Again!) When I lived on Earth (before moving to Satan’s Oven, AZ), I always thought this feeling was inspired by the fall weather with the changing leaves and crisper air.  I have distinct memories of more than a few fall days in early October when I suddenly felt great again and ready to be alive. But now I’m confident it’s more about the Sun moving into my 1st house.

I also notice some effect when it crosses from the 3rd to the 4th house, in that I become a bit quieter and more comfortable being at home. Typically I have a go-go-go thing that makes it hard for me to sit still (Mars-Uranus in the 1st house natally), and in early January beginning with 14 Capricorn, I’m better able to relax at home. I’ve noted that during this time, when my girlfriend talks about cleaning up the garage and getting rid of things, I’m more open to it.

When the Sun crosses my Midheaven at 14 Cancer, what I notice is my relationship with my work and my desire to make things happen through it. It’s not always that work stuff happens, but I do feel connected with and focused on what I’m creating.

Get into your chart and note the degrees of these angles, and then look up the upcoming dates for the year when the Sun will cross them. Working periodically with the Sun in this way is a great route to get more attuned to the use of astrology as a language of energy, one that reflects how you’re unfolding and growing over time.