On the Jupiter-Neptune trine: Programmed sea jasper for relaxing, releasing, letting go.

With transiting Neptune recently stationed in Pisces in trine to transiting Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio, energy and emotion is piqued for many now.

The trine is a flowing, boosting aspect believed to be positive. Yet consider that Jupiter in Scorpio has been challenging us to dig under the surface to unearth what hurts, what makes us feel afraid, and what disempowers us. Its retrograde period (March 8 – July 10, 2018)

In this context, a trine from a slow Neptune can deepen the digging effect and, even, make us feel drunk on whatever we’re finding.

As Jupiter will station direct in a bit over two weeks, there’s a period of time coming up wherein it can seem like the two planets are almost still, talking to each other, boosting each other’s effects. In water signs, this is about stimulating the flow of emotion, both what you’re feeling now and feelings attached to memories from the past. (For the full story on this and all of the rest of the month’s astrology, subscribe to my monthly forecasting service.)

Due to major stress last week, I resorted to sleeping on and near programmed sea jasper pieces. I put about a half dozen in the bed near my pillow so they’d be handy for holding while sleeping. Inevitably, I’d wake up with some under me but feeling wonderfully chill.

After a couple of days, I was able to relax again. One night I slept better than I have in months, maybe a year.

Programmed sea jasper carries a Neptunian vibration that will encourage you to let go and go with the flow. It will also stimulate dreams, intuition, and creativity.

The problem when things in your life change is that they’re changing — it’s inevitable that life changes the circumstances of our lives — but that we resist or don’t feel ready to adapt. Sea jasper will help you adapt to whatever’s happening and accept that it is happening for your highest good.

For this reason, it’s best to use it when you’re not multitasking or driving, or when you have to concentrate on something intently. Use it on a walk, when sleeping, taking a break from being focused on the material world.

Today I posted to my site 8 new carved programmed sea jasper dolphins. Usually I stay away from carved shapes (I could get turtles, hearts, and other annoying shapes), but these are small enough to carry in a pocket and so are more convenient than the larger wands and the boulder I have on my site.

There’s more information on my sea jasper page, and a video from last year when it was my featured crystal:

If you’re wondering what this programmed crystal business is about, here‘s a playlist containing all of my crystal videos.