K2 Crystal Diary 3: Subtle Sensitivity

Read the first and second K2 crystal diary posts.

During a recent energy work session, I noticed a change in how I experienced the work I was doing on a client, and the same happened again the next morning with another. I feel clear it’s due to the K2’s influence.

Usually I do energy work and monitor what’s happening as I go, often scanning after doing things to see how my work is landing. In these two sessions I could tell more of how the work was affecting the clients as we proceeded – I didn’t need to check in with the client or scan him or her periodically as I felt the shifts in real time.

I feel the alignment I wrote about in the second K2 post still, and this result makes me feel much more effective doing energy work.

Since 2012 I’ve been doing energy work using Archangel Metatron’s frequencies on clients and participants of channeling events both live and via the web or phone. But the level of connecting with the client in what I still can only call real time the last couple of days is new.

This sensitivity has carried over into my day-to-day intuition, too. There have been several moments wherein I felt my intuition fine-tuned, even one that caused me to stop an annoying and time-consuming task. I trusted it, and the next day found out that continuing would have been wasted time and energy. I felt entirely clear.

It’s normal for me to have hunches and gut-level suspicions, yet this was a clear knowing that I knew I could trust. For those not already working with and trusting intuition on a regular basis, K2 will likely have an effect of opening their innate intuitive faculty.

Also, I wanted to comment on the size of the pieces I’m working with. When you work with a larger piece of a crystal, more energy goes into you and gets to deeper levels. It seems a function of its mass relative to your own mass, as programming large crystals takes more time and effort than smaller ones.

With auralite 23, sea jasper, tiger iron, and many others, I’ve benefited directly from using larger pieces. The feeling of the energy coming into my body is slower and more affecting, sometimes I even feel like I’m being sucked down into myself (especially with grounding/lower-chakra crystals).

The first two K2 pieces I purchased were small palm stones, 26 and 27 grams respectively. When I purchased more from an online source, I misjudged the size of what I was buying and received much smaller stones. At first I through they wouldn’t do, but they are, in fact, fantastic. That said, I am offering the larger two as a pair because I know someone will be drawn to them.

The smaller ones are anywhere from 8 to 18 grams each, and the energy transfer goes deeper than I would expect for such small pieces.

I’ve just made these programmed stones available. Most are packaged in pairs. The energy transfer when holding one in each hand is markedly raised when compared to holding one in your hand.

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