Jupiter in Sagittarius MP3

New: Jupiter in Sagittarius MP3, 61 minutes, includes PDF of the PowerPoint I used in this subscriber class. $15 delivered through secure download.

We expect Jupiter to bring us wonderful things, but it’s in fact about showing us why we might not be open to wonderful things, and helping us remedy that.

It’s a shift in expectations of what the Greater Benefic is all about, looking at things through an empowering lens and not just hoping for–or expecting–things to get better through some external, magical means. We can make things better, but to be happier and healthier, we’re in charge of making the right decisions.

Jupiter in transit is a teacher trying to get us to see what we will allow is possible, and clearing blocks to imaginative manifestation.

In this mp3, I share how to understand Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius (Nov. 8, 2018 to Dec. 2, 2019). Major themes about faith, hope, optimism, expansion, taking risks, and more are covered, as are its 4-month retrograde period and the square it will make to Neptune in Pisces over parts of the coming year.

This was a recent class included for subscribers to my monthly forecasting service. Every other class (about 5 per year) I do minireadings for subscribers on the chosen topic, and every other class I do a lecture such as this one. The service includes access to a class archive of recordings that do not include the minireadings, among numerous other perks.