Progressed Moon in Virgo: The Magick of Enzymes

Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what I’ve been learning about since my progressed Moon went into Virgo recently!

Heavens, I have been exposed to the magickal world of systemic enzymes, and my life will never be the same. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

My progressed Moon’s been in my 11th house for a while, but just recently went into Virgo. You can’t really know what a progression shift like that will feel like, but if you’re an astrologer like me you can gather your key phrases and ideas.

Suddenly, I believe the night before it officially changed signs, I got a bee in my bonnet for learning about systemic enzymes, and placing an online purchase. Virgo’s about being aware of details and improving things (and, yes, health issues–actually making changes), but I was surprised at the feeling of obsession. I read reviews and details and more reviews, and ingredient lists–the whole Virgo deal.

I’ve been taking digestive enzymes for a long time, like maybe upwards of 15 years, but I didn’t know that if you take them on an empty stomach they are then called systemic enzymes and do different things.

If you’re not familiar with all of this, a good info source I’ve read a couple of times is on Dr. Mercola’s site here.

But so when I took them before bed one night (the first time), I felt a cooling sensation spread quickly over my upper back, where I generally hold a lot of tension.

It was kind of shocking, actually. My partner was already in bed and I was working late. Never having felt that before, part of me wanted to freak out. With natal Pluto in the 12th house (and nothing but Persephone, the asteroid of needing to grow up) in the 6th house, parts of me are definitely afraid of losing control.

I sat with it and felt it, cataloguing how it moved and changed. I actually felt cool–I’m the furnace usually, and suddenly I wasn’t. I wondered if my blood pressure was dropping too much too fast (not sure if it even was–but new sensations brought up fears), and I got all up in my head in concerns.

Since then I’ve searched online for potential explanations, but the only thing I can figure is that it’s getting into my blood stream and lymph system quickly, and beginning to break down things that do not need to be there.

Almost every day now my new thing is making sure I don’t eat late and can get really hungry before bed so I can take them and feel that feeling. It’s profound.

The point is that with a Virgo progressed Moon, some experimentation is in order. Improvement is needed, and more analytical attention is central to the methods of Virgo.

My natal Sagittarius Moon conjunct Mercury-Neptune-Lilith usually lives out the Neptunian flavor more than the Mercurial one, so I’m not used to Virgo except when certain paranoid fears/unwanted thoughts come up and cycle again and again.

(Such as when the part of me watches me reach for an egg to break and honestly expects there to be a disgusting little chick corpse inside. Or when I’m carrying a plate with a knife and fork and imagine myself falling accidentally on the knife and expiring as I think, “Seriously? Argh … [expletive].”)

Part of this process the last couple of weeks involves trying to figure out some of the messages my body is giving me, but instead of just energy and emotion being the filters (my norm), I’m learning more about how my body responds to nutrients.

It’s foreign, and it’s a bit daunting, but that’s what the progressed Moon is all about: Adding to your repertory new ways of doing things, but also new reasons for doing them. Because the truth is that I’m more aware now since just before the progressed Moon changed signs of what it feels like to live in my body.

My partner has a bunch of placements in Virgo and also the 6th house, so she’s loving seeing me get more specific with all of this. Now my tidbits to share are less often about myth, history, politics, slavery, and what I’m learning from Djehuty and Metatron, and more about stuff like just what these systemic enzymes do in the body when the stomach is empty. Tonight we actually discussed symbols and associations of Hygeia, which she’s thought about but I’m–you guessed it–just getting into.

So, we’re each of us a work in progress. Diary, thanks for reading.

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