Channeling Hermes: You Are Not What Has Happened To You

A brief channeled message from the ascended master I channel. For more, see the current thank-you 4-for-1 offer on energy work mp3s, the channeled books, and the channeled audio offerings.

This is Hermes, a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth. St. Germain, and Merlin. I speak today to offer you an invitation to take a step in upgrading who you think and believe you are. You are not what has happened to you, but it is natural that you would think so.

Throughout your life, you gain experience and learn from it, you are shaped by your experiences. You perceive who you are today is due to who and where you have been, who you have been in relationship with, and what kinds of choices (for good or not) you have and have not made. As a human, you are by default tracking your experiences and noting your reactions to them, which include feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

At a certain point as you were developing in youth, it just started to seem that you were the product of what was going around you and, as a result, what you felt within you about what was going on. You saw the same things and people every day, and you felt the same way in response to them. You might have done the same things every day, too, and had the same ideas and opinions about those things, too. In short, your identity as a human has been shaped by what has occurred to and around you, and what you think and feel about it.

But if you are to allow yourself to grow as a conscious being over time, it’s necessary to shift who you think you are. You’ve heard and read many times that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and this is true. I invite you to approach self-definition as including that you are consciousness existing over time, and that your consciousness—soul—is learning how to be human while you are engaged in living as a human. You are, then, learning on the fly, collecting data about what it’s like to do so. It is being at birth dropped in the deep end of human learning, and you are doing all you can to learn what you need to know to be here.

Others have modeled for and have told you about the world, yes, and these are particular ways of approaching being human and living a human life. What information and perspectives you have collected over your time on Earth are, too. They are simply routes of coming to define the self. But they are certainly not true about who you are.

My intentions coming through this channel always center on giving you practical steps you can employ in order to improve your human experience. My message today:

Spend the rest of the day observing the part of you that defines who you are, or that tells you something or everything about yourself.

Watch it with compassion, even if it normally inspires a judging or critical reaction within you. Observe with an acute patience what and who it tells you are, as if you’re following around an interview subject but want to ensure you don’t interrupt or distract that subject. Get a feel for how this part of you tends or chooses to vibrate, and mentally note all you see and hear.

Whatever you find/see/hear, remember that is one part of you, and that it’s doing its best to develop an identity that will allow you to minimize pain, hardship, mistakes, and naivety over time. But its best, to be clear, is not truth, but simply an evolved strategy that is the best it knows how to do so far.

I want you to, over time, learn to shift self-definition into being a soul living a human life and learning from within the deep end how to do so, moving away from believing that you are what has happened to you. It is never easy, and you naturally will over time define yourself by your history, or what has happened to you, as all humans will tend to do until taught a better way. Yet every day you have the choice about how you will define yourself, and what self-image you will carry and embed within your vibratory field, which will determine what possibilities open to and find you in life.

And so you are not what has happened to you, but parts of you may believe that. You are consciousness that exists over time, gathering data on what it is to live as a human. The more that you learn, make you are filing your experiences as part of the learning process. When you do, then you can see that you are free to see that you are always supported by life, the Universe, and other souls, which will bring you a sense of inner security and free you to vibrate more with love, as you will no longer be resisting doing so from a place of believing that there is not enough, you did something wrong, others do not love you, etc. (that would have been sourced in beliefs from the past from unhappy experiences).

Thank you.

For more, see the current thank-you 4-for-1 offer on energy work mp3s, the channeled books, and the channeled audio offerings.