Pluto-Angles Aspects

Covered here are conjunctions and squares of Pluto to the angles.

Note: If Pluto is in the 10th house and conjunct the Midheaven, the analysis of Pluto in the 10th covers things. The same if Pluto is in the 4th house conjunct the IC, in the 7th house conjunct the Descendant, or in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendant. I use 8 degrees of orb for conjunctions to Pluto (but 10 for hard aspects to the nodes of the Moon).

Pluto in the 12th House Conjunct the Ascendant
Your issues from many lifetimes about feeling overwhelmed by life or the Universe/God or lovingly aligned with them come out in your personality. If you feel disempowered about life and upset that you can’t control things, you’ll inadvertently broadcast it to all. If you feel aligned with a higher sense or level of truth and are successfully navigating living in a greater context (such that your ego is oriented toward higher truth, compassionate service, and surrender), you’ll also inadvertently broadcast it to all. You can’t help but bring issues of faith and surrender to others–what version of this life lesson will you choose to embody?

People will have one of several strong reactions to your mere presence, or the fact that you simply show up. As you carry such a strong influence, it’s important that you–in addition to choosing what you’re aligned with (fear or faith)–learn not to take others’ reactions to you personally. Definitely take them as indicative of where you are in your evolution process, but also understand that even when you’re doing your Pluto in healthy, grounded ways, you will still trigger others who are not yet comfortable facing their own Plutonian energy and shadow selves. Carrying Pluto in this way is part of what your soul signed you up to do with this conjunction.

Pluto in the 3rd House Conjunct the IC
Your issues with learning the truth and speaking honestly from many lifetimes affect your family, home, and community relationships. You can’t help but be aware of things at home that need to be called out, but others might not value honesty as much as you do. They might be perceive that things are fine the way they are, or that too much transparency and talking about difficult topics will upset the status quo for everyone–and make you wrong for being that person who’s always trying to stir things up. You’re unavoidably aware that deeper truth needs to be revealed. Don’t let your feeling of being loved and supported by others depend on them navigating deep Plutonian topics with you all the time. If others don’t want to do that, take it a cue that there may be things within you that you’re afraid to look at, and bring more light to them.

You may be expert at talking about feelings, but you might also at times confuse thoughts and feelings. Your need to get to ever deeper levels of understanding can at times have you over-intellectualizing your emotions when you may just need to cry, or get angry and then cry. How you relate to and express your emotions is important with this conjunction, and it’s your job to make sure you validate your feelings no matter what they are, no matter where they come from, and no matter if others are there to process them with you or not.

Pluto in the 6th House Conjunct the Descendant
Your multilife Plutonian issues about being of service, of use, worthy, and a good team player can come out in personal relationship with this conjunction. Whatever you develop and spend time improving you’ll want to bring to others or a particular other. This can be a very giving process, yet you are learning in many lifetimes that others must be open to and willing to receive what you’re giving. At some times, you might find yourself sort of forcing your help on others because of a deep need to help them. But you need to learn that sometimes people want to do things on their own, or are not ready for help, or simply don’t want to receive help from you. This can be painful, but you’re in the process of learning to be prepared to help when the time and other conditions are right, and sometimes they are not, even when you really mean well and have worked hard to develop something helpful.

Part of your pain from many lifetimes with this conjunct is in your well-meaning help being rejected by others. Your task is to be available when it’s healthy for you to be available while letting others ask for help when they’re ready to receive it. You might have a perfectionist-type reflex motivated by a need to prove that you’re worth being allowed to be useful, as it’s been hard for you to watch others suffer when you know you could be of help. This aspect is about shedding any need to be validated by others when it comes to how useful or helpful you could be. Finally, this can come out in many ways in interpersonal relationships when you need to explore giving and receiving, offering and asking for support and help. You might carry into this life memories of stark imbalance, with what looks like love (but is a need for validation) motivating you to prove that you’re worth another’s love, support, and acceptance.

Pluto in the 9th House Conjunct the Midheaven
Your multilife Plutonian issues about power when it comes to belief and ideology come out in your public life. It could be that what you do in the world, your work or career, and/or who you are in public is informed directly by your strong beliefs or need to fight against others’ strong beliefs. You might not be able to imagine work that isn’t aligned with your beliefs or way of seeing the world. It could also be that you routinely find yourself needing to justify or fight for what you believe in, as in many lifetimes you’ve had to do just that. Whether this is about religion, politics, law, or some philosophical stance, you’ve experienced in many lifetimes being on the winning and losing side of ideological, belief-based arguments.

In a world full of people seeming content to compete for jobs, promotions, awards, and raises, you might at times feel like a crusader for a cause. Your beliefs guide you, and in many lives including this one it’s important for you to embody them publicly, through work, or in some way in the world around you. You might at times become a symbol for others of what you believe, or the fact that you believe something strongly. Whether you like this or not, your soul has signed you up to bring something about meaningfulness to a world seemingly obsessed with the rat race of a meaningless earning of money and indiscriminate consumerist culture that creates emptiness inside all who succumb to its thrall.

Pluto Square the Ascendant Axis
Plutonian issues can get in the way of healthy boundaries in relationship. What you bring with you (Ascendant) and what you expect or find in others (Descendant) can be imbalanced by your beliefs about what power is and is not, and who does and who does not get to have and keep it (Pluto). Your task is always to check if you are limiting how much you believe in yourself due to perceptions of how much strength you should sacrifice because of the expectations or demands of others, and/or if you are afraid of saying “yes, please” and “no, thank you” to others when they want, need, demand, expect, or require things of you.

Pluto here represents a teacher for you during your whole life to avoid getting caught in disempowering or powerless dynamics with others because you believe you deserve nothing or everything, or because you believe others deserve nothing or everything. Check tendencies to be sheepish or dominant, or to vacillate between the two based on perceptions of strength, hierarchies of dominance, or power. You and others might at times bring the worst out in each other as you seek to establish boundaries and shared time and energy together, as shadow selves related to who deserves power when and why may emerge during even the simplest negotiations between you. Others may not understand why you’re so triggered at times, and your job is to own with absolute honesty what is happening within you so you can evolve beyond needing your shadows to play themselves out in your relationships.

Pluto Square the Midheaven Axis
Plutonian issues can get in the way of a balance between your public (MC) and private (IC) lives. If you are afraid you don’t have enough power, this can drive you to go too inward and rely on family and community (IC) or too outward to seek strength in the world (MC). This can result in many lifetimes of investing too much or not enough in home and family or in work and career. Your Pluto house and sign will tell more of the story, but the essence of this placement is that you empowerment path or feelings of disempowerment (or both) have kept you in many lives from feeling that you can both achieve something meaningful in the world and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Look at what power seems to mean to you, and evaluate honestly your motivations for being in the world or being at home. Whichever one you happen to emphasize, is it because you’re seeking something that matters to you or because you’re avoiding the potential fears and pain that would arise if you were to commit to pursuing the other one? Your task is to learn to overcome whatever fears, regret, doubt, shame, or guilt you may have related to your public or private self and be willing to explore balancing those two parts of your life. You’ll never be happy if you don’t face the Plutonian feelings you carry about success and failure when it comes to family and home or work and career, or both.

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