Pluto-Chiron Aspects

Chiron in your birth chart represents an antenna that makes you sensitive to energy and emotion in the world around you, including in others. It also describes how you might feel worthy of rejection or not worth loving. For more on my unique approach to this archetype and the wounding and healing associated with it, see the Chiron Pages.

Pluto Conjunct Chiron
Your empowerment journey over many lifetimes is wrapped up with Chironic sensitivity, which can cause you to feel the emotions of others. At some phases of some lives, you’re empowered through embracing your uniqueness and overcoming a fear of being different, unique, or standing out from the crowd and feeling vulnerable. At other times, though, you’ve been disempowered through refusing to be empathetic toward others, or to engage in compassionate service either because the pain of others is too great or because you feel you’d lose too much time and energy in the process if you opened to feel and help others with their suffering or woundedness.

Vulnerability is a major part of your empowerment path: When you can accept that you’ll always feel unique and different–and you embrace it–then you can be an inspiration to others of empowerment through dealing with emotions and feelings, and doing something proactive about it that’s sourced in loving self-awareness. Compassion is a key strength with this conjunction, while you may at times perceive that it would cost you too much, as it has in some lifetimes. Feeling good about your Plutonian path requires that you become Chironic in healthy ways, which includes being willing to be and remain vulnerable, even when you get hurt. This conjunction can also indicate that a core of your Plutonian pain and anger from many lives is connected to others not seeing or caring about your feelings and sensitivities, ignoring them/you, or making you wrong for your emotions. Self-validation is key to heal the old wounds and step forward in a self-confident, empowered way.

Pluto Square Chiron
In many lifetimes, your ability to feel empowered through your Pluto placement is hampered or pushed against by the suffering, pain, needs, or hypersensitivities of others. This hasSoul's Journey Soundbites by Tom Jacobs likely resulted in one of two extremes: You too often give into the needs and fears of others and leave your path to the side, or you refuse to open to dealing with the feelings and needs of others so you don’t have to get pushed off track from where it’s so important for you to go. Squares press upon a person, and with this one you’ve had the vulnerabilities of others pressed against your plans and ambitions in major ways that may have left you feeling unfulfilled when it comes to doing what matters to you most.

A healthy way to live with this square is to recognize that you will often need to do two key things that might be uncomfortable. First, you have to establish boundaries with others who need or expect things from you, even if that leads to difficult conversations on a regular basis. This involves catching yourself when inclined to open too much or too little to others’ needs and feelings. Second, you must monitor over time your willingness to open to sensing and, at times, being of assistance or help to others. This will involve challenging yourself to open to more compassion. But all along the way, you need to learn that compassion is a state of loving acceptance, not necessarily a state of doing. Stay in touch with what you need to do for yourself, and be willing to navigate all kinds of relationships as you go. Finally, those with energetic and emotional sensitivity will at times have useful advice for you, if only you’re willing to be vulnerable enough to hear it.

Pluto Opposite Chiron
Over many lives, the thing that’s most important to you has been blocked, confronted, or challenged by the energetic and emotional issues of others. Their needs, soft spots, emotional problems, and/or vulnerabilities might have seemed to hold you in place, like because of them, you can’t be or do something that truly and deeply is in your heart to be or do. You might perceive that the very existence of others’ sensitivities and personal issues means that you’re going to have to stop being yourself, or that you’ll have to table your desires and ambitions if someone in your life has needs and hopes you’ll hold his or her hand. It can also be that you give so much to others in need that you lose track of what you set out to do.

In some lives, you might be determined to be of help to others in need. This can be fulfilling, but also may seem never to end. Sometimes this can lead to burn-out if you don’t take care of yourself, giving so much that you run down your own batteries. In other lives, you might try to avoid having to deal with others as, you may perceive, they need to learn to become self-sufficient and care for themselves as you have learned to do. You might need to learn in this life when to not jump to the aid of others, even if you truly and deeply care for them. This would involve overcoming and shedding beliefs that you’re a jerk if you’re not always there for others, and perhaps guilt from other-life choices that left you not helping them or other loved ones. Choose not to judge yourself if you need to at times say “No, I can’t help you just now,” as your willingness to feel strong and empowered is wrapped up with the self-knowledge and -trust required to sometimes do so.

Pluto Quincunx Chiron
Over the course of your multilife journey, your Plutonian mission–what you have to do to make life feel meaningful–has been periodically thrown off course by the suffering, emotions, sensitivities, and needs of others. You might at times feel like a deer caught in head lights when certain others in your life express difficult or heavy emotions (it could also be limited to particular emotions, such as grief, anger, depressiveness, or any other). The memories in your unconscious realms are that what you need to do for yourself has been ruined by others’ or someone else’s suffering or unhappiness.

When others emote (whether for you it’s general or specific), you might shut down. Conversely, you might have been born in a kind of state shut down or cut off from being open to emotions. If either is true for you, know that it’s a survival mechanism because the memories in your unconscious are awful and part of you will do just about anything to not have to feel them again. Consider that this could be in some lives the specific suffering, handicap, or helplessness of a loved one central to your life. Until you learn to heal your willingness to experience pain and suffering in others, you won’t learn to move through emotions. Once you do, then you’ll feel free to own the full range of your human self, moving in and out of emotional states–even the tough ones–allowing them to be the waves of energy trying to break that they, in fact, are.

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