Pluto-Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter in your natal chart represents how and why you might develop and/or relate to beliefs. It’s about hope, faith, risk, and self-confidence. When Pluto is in aspect to your natal Jupiter, your empowerment journey over many lifetimes is connected to the best and worst of Jupiterian themes and experiences.

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter
Your journey to become strong and confident over many lifetimes is merged with Jupiterian issues related to belief, hope, faith, and risk. It’s possible that you have seen the best and worst of religion and other forms of philosophical or higher thought, perhaps having at times to fight for your right to think, believe, pray, and vote the way you want to.

This conjunction also says that you have a multilife pattern of gaining and losing faith, sometimes refusing to give up on something you would like to be true and sometimes feeling crushed after finding out what you believed was not, in fact, true. This karmic history can show up in this life as unwavering optimism or hardened pessimism: If you’re feeling good about something, no one can change your mind, but the same is true for if you’re feeling down about something.

The healing path is both in learning to adjust your beliefs and what you want/need to be true over time and learning to recover the ability to give life/the Universe/Goddess/God a chance to support you. When you’ve lost faith in certain lifetimes, the cut has been deep and needs healing energy nowSoul's Journey Soundbites by Tom Jacobs so you can fully participate in life and give the world a chance.

Pluto Square Jupiter
In many lifetimes, your deep need to empower yourself and tap into your deepest passions and sense of relevance are in friction with people, groups, and situations organized around higher thought, beliefs, and religion. You may be especially attuned to and critical of people who seem to believe things without proof, and you might have what looks to be an allergy when it comes to taking things on faith. You’re no fan of doctrine for the sake of doctrine, belief for the sake of belief.

You may have found yourself in many lives pressured to believe things you simply cannot in good conscience accept. At other times you may have felt the rug pulled out from under you when it comes to understanding the bigger picture of life. This can happen when we experience deep pain and loss without understanding a bigger picture through which to interpret it, maybe even appealing to religion and other philosophies to try to make sense of things but finding nothing that rings true.

The healing path includes learning to accept that all humans are guided by belief, and that we all need to upgrade our beliefs to reflect the reality we’re experiencing.

Pluto Opposite Jupiter
When you seek to become empowered in many lives, you are coming up against the brick wall of others’ beliefs, doctrine, and assumptions about the world. You may have a profound distrust of people who feel free to accept things on faith (whatever their beliefs), and you might at times assume that you can’t trust them and, perhaps, need to defend yourself against them.

You have been trying in many lifetimes to incorporate belief into your life, but the teachings of religion and other philosophies keep bursting your bubble and leaving you feeling that life is meaningless. Your task is to evaluate the pain, anger, and powerless feelings that can result when you tap into any feeling you may have of not being able to trust life, embracing a process of unwinding negative beliefs that have been cemented due to pas hurts when it comes to big ideas and beliefs. When you can see the truth that just because one thing turns out not to be true doesn’t mean that nothing is worth having faith in, you’re on your way to growth in the face of Plutonian healing so that you open again to life’s possibilities.

Pluto Quincunx Jupiter
In many lifetimes you have been thrown off course by people, groups, and situations organized around beliefs of some kind. This can be betrayal by loved ones or community/family entrenched in certain beliefs, religious war that your side loses, or a sudden and total loss of faith in life (the Dadaists’ genesis in the horrors of World War I is one kind of example).

In being knocked off course, you have not known how to get back on track. This can lead now to an oil-and-water relationship with belief, religion, philosophy, and people and groups who believe things. After belief-related situations destroying your progress in life, who could blame you? But it’s important that you get to the heart of the devastating trauma(s) from other lifetimes and admit the sense of powerlessness you may feel in the face of the prospect of living a meaningful life. It can be developed and lived, but you must first come back from any knee-jerk, defensive assumptions that nothing is worth believing or believing in.

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