Pluto-Mercury Aspects

Mercury in your natal chart represents perception, communication style, your interests and curiosity, and how you gather and process information. When in aspect to Pluto, these parts of life are wrapped up with your multilife empowerment journey.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury
The empowerment journey of the soul is inextricably linked to Mercurial issues. The chart holder will have an intense, perhaps obsessive curiosity and need to get at the truth, while sometimes simultaneously dreading it. Being deceived is painful for this person but beyond it, he or she has phenomenal radar for dishonesty, being able to sense it a mile away. In many lifetimes, truth and lies figure prominently in all aspects of the Pluto path, and this person may now be dealing with the results of having or being forced to lie for some reason in many lifetimes.

This aspect is also about having or being denied access to education, being able or not able to speak one’s truth, and the very basic human intellectual function of asking questions and getting answers. It could be that the person in many lives has become disempowered through learning difficult truths or, perhaps, delivering them to others verbally or in print.

The healing path involves being willing to face/own the truth and bring honesty to all situations.

Pluto Square Mercury
In many lifetimes, the person’s ability to manifest Plutonian strength and confidence is met with friction, pressure, and criticism from communicators, teachers, and writers – those who generate and carry information. Such people will challenge the assumptions according to which the chart holder will do this most important part of living, and he or she may carry difficult emotional residues from arguing, being called out, and having to defend him- or herself. It can also be that some type of information itself is what brings the tension, as when you get an answer to your question and it makes your life harder.

Squares have the inherent feeling that one says to the other, “You’re doing it wrong – here: do it this way.” As a result, the chart holder might expect conflict with and difficulty from people who in some way live out the symbolism of Mercury. The most critical self-esteem thing in many lifetimes, after all, has been interfered with by Mercurial people and, sometimes, what they say has messed everything up for the chart holder. He or she may also resist giving in to new information or learning many new things, as there can be unconscious memories from many lifetimes that new information just might signal the beginning of the end.

Pluto Opposite Mercury
The person’s journey to become empowered and make his or her life meaningful in numerous lives is blocked, challenged, and ground to a halt by Mercurial people. They tell him or her new information that slows down the most important thing he or she has to do for the self. This can also be about the revelation of new information or details, and also potentially involves the chart holder’s closely guarded personal information being made public in some way. Whether this is fact or rumor makes no difference – damage can be done.

As a result, the chart holder might have a contentious relationships with various kinds of Mercurial people. He or she may feel a need to keep too many things private, fearing being made a laughingstock. This can affect the chart holder’s relationship to basic education and doing research on his or her own behalf, potentially having developed beliefs/karma that too much information – as well as the kinds of people who traffic in it more than most – can get in the way of what he or she perceives truly needs to be done.

Pluto Quincunx Mercury
This person has been thrown off course in important ways periodically by news, messages, letters, or those who fit the symbolism of Mercury. It’s possible that the effect of such a person or particular pieces of information have left marks on the chart holder’s psyche and emotions, as quincunxes indicate being thrown off center and, many times, not knowing how to recover and move on with solid footing.

This chart holder might refuse at times with talkative or chatty people, and may for periods of life walk around wearing blinders to what is potentially new. What others might consider a breath of fresh air when it comes to certain Mercurial personalities and changes in ways of living could be viewed with skepticism and resistance by the chart holder, as there are many unconscious memories of lifetimes in which change – and new information – ruined everything and things were never the same again.

His or her relationship with communications and information will directly affect how able he or she perceives the self to be in getting the most important work done.


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