Pluto-Moon Aspects

Moon in your chart represents happiness, safety and security, family, and home. It’s what you need to feed on a regular basis to create happiness and a sense of stability in life.

When Moon aspects natal Pluto, people, groups, and situations reflecting Moon energy are involved in the multilife attempt to become confident, strong, and self-validating.

Pluto Conjunct Moon
The multilife empowerment journey is inextricably intertwined with issues related to family, belonging, emotions of all kinds, and dealing with and addressing needs. The person will feel deeply and strongly, and might have found family when young not being able to understand or hold space for what – and the depth to which – he or she processed emotionally.

In some lives, this conjunction indicates not being accepted by family, or being taken away from them. It can also be that a person needs to leave family, community, and/or home in order to be fully authentic and honor the self. Adoption, grief from the loss of family, and feeling/being disconnected from home and a sense of safety and security with tribe are all parts of this journey.

Being a parent holds special weight (though not all with this aspect will opt for it) because there are both many happy and unhappy memories from various lifetimes related to it. Some with this placement will not seem to grow up, still waiting for the family of origin to support and validate their needs.

Critical to this conjunction is processing, expressing, and moving through emotional blocks. Empowerment here rests on the chart holder validating his or own feelings, needs, and experiences, even if no one has, will, or can.

Pluto Square Moon
Along the chart holder’s empowerment journey, he or she will experience friction with or criticism from/to family, community, and people close to him or her. It may be that family in some lives tells the person that love is conditional, as long as he or she conforms to their expectations. It can also be that the values and lifestyle of the person are different enough from his or her family so that he or she doesn’t feel entirely welcome or safe.

One result is that the person isn’t sure now if he or she has support or will be supported if pursuing what matters most to him or her. This aspect points to many lifetimes of conflict with family, and in some lifetimes this conflict can be deeply harmful. The chart holder might not trust the self to make the right decisions (since seemingly everyone who loves him or her doesn’t understand or support a core part of him or her – there must be something wrong with him or her), or might always keep others at bay just in case they turn out not to be supportive.

This aspect describes both a need to learn about the true nature of family, security, and belonging and a need to learn to take care of one’s self in the most important and meaningful ways. Just because this person has been close to others who doesn’t get his or her core self doesn’t mean that that core self is invalid, but the chart holder is the only person who can make that self-validating decision.

Pluto Opposite Moon
In many lifetimes when working to become empowered, strong, and confident, the chart holder will find him- or herself at odds with family, community, and those closest to him or her. It’s possible that loved ones are or seem unavailable to the chart holder because they’re dealing with their own issues, unable to give him or her the attention, nurturing, and care that he or she needs.

This aspect indicates a need to learn about where one belongs and where love comes from. Some with this aspect will not feel that they can work with their families of origin due to a history of finding out that their families deeply do not want for them what they want for themselves. Some will seek out other families (tribes) or create their own families in order to heal a sense of belonging, while others might feel isolated and live through loneliness as they process feeling/being at odds with those who love them.

In the end, the healing process involves learning from loved ones how to validate the self and, if possible, remain connected to family and community.

Pluto Quincunx Moon
The chart holder’s journey to strength, confidence, and self-validation receives periodic jolts and shocks from people close to him or her. This can be the forceful wishes or controlling behaviors of family that ruin his or her plans, the loss of loved ones, the destruction or loss of home or community, or forced migration or displacement. The key thread is a sudden and irrevocable loss of a sense of safety, security, and community that threw the chart holder off course in a very painful way.

Beliefs that result from this can be born from trauma, such that the chart holder might not feel safe while expecting life to throw so many curve balls that he or she might believe there’s nothing good that comes from putting down roots, or letting people get too close. The chart holder needs to cultivate emotional, family, and community connection while accepting that all things inevitably change. He or she will need to grieve much along the way.


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