Pluto-Uranus Aspects

Uranus in your natal chart represents the need to change, innovate, and free yourself from constricting scenarios. It’s an original part of your psyche that’s always in need of elbow room and freedom to think and behave in original ways. Many of us don’t want to stand out too much and so stifle some or all of our Uranian impulses, and so boredom and self-doubting hesitation are also experiences that can be expressions of this archetype.

When natal Uranus is in aspect to Pluto, the multilife, karmic journey of the chart holder’s soul is affected by this planet of change, revolution, and freedom. Only some alive on Earth as of this writing in 2018 have any Uranus-Pluto natal aspects, the conjunction in the 1960s and the square in more recent times.

Pluto Conjunct Uranus
The conjunction says that the chart holder has Uranian themes central to his or her empowerment journey over many lifetimes. Freedom, boredom, revolution, being ahead of the curve, and criticism bring both positive and negative experiences over many lives. The person will be motivated to look forward, and may only feel deeply strong and confident when he or she has the freedom to move forward.

That other people sometimes don’t understand Uranian perspectives due to their envelope-pushing nature can be a source of stress and powerlessness for these natives. They may be inspired to think, move, and act quickly, ready for immediate change of what is obviously not working, while others wanting safety and security may dawdle and drag their feet, afraid of change.

It’s also possible that the person across time has experienced amazing intuitive flashes of knowing, yet gotten into trouble for being too “out there”. It’s also possible that they’ve come off in negative ways as their impatience with slowness can be rather obvious to others. Boredom and not seizing inspiration and opportunity can be sources of karmic wounding, too. Trauma can be part of this story, too, as if they resist change, it will happen in their world at times without their permission to force them to grow.

Healing has everything to do with being willing to be original and embrace a forward-looking vision while losing any expectation of punishment or sanction. Healthy Uranian types are visionaries who offer their visions to benefit others, and these natives need to learn to be less critical that the masses don’t understand or won’t listen. Some might not get their original ideas off the ground due to expecting no support from the world around them, and this must be released, too. These people’s empowerment rests upon original ideas and innovative change and, often, going it alone in order to develop their unique thinking and plans of action.

Pluto Square Uranus
Note: Using an orb of 8 degrees, this square was in play from 2008 and will continue in pockets until early 2019. There were 7 exact squares between 2012 and 2015, yet many births over almost ten years feature this aspect.

Change, shifting priorities, boredom and feeling stifled, and trauma over many lifetimes interfere with the chart holder’s ability to accomplish his or her empowerment journey. When the person digs deep to face shadows and bring forth his or her passionate nature, sudden change from left field can pressure the person into giving up what is most important to him or her.

Some results can be anxiety, hopelessness, restlessness, expecting the worst, fearing change, hypercontrolling behaviors, dissociation, numbness, and more. In some individuals this may at times come to the surface and appear to be PTSD or something like it. For some, one or more of these states can continue for a long time, while for others they can come and go. The chart holder is feeling either the stress of change and trauma from many lifetimes or the results of change and trauma, and all will have varied responses to it.

Healing rests upon being willing to meet and embrace change. These chart holders must learn that change is inevitable, and that we’re all surprised at times at the courses our lives take. As these are young people (as of this writing in 2018), the adults in their lives need to be aware of various healing modalities for trauma, anxiety, and depressiveness. It’s important to make sure always to remember and address the emotional and energetic sources of what the child is expressing, not just throwing medications at problems that come up. These children have been shaped in many lifetimes by being forced to change when they’re not ready, and this must be taken into account.

That said, some with this square will adapt to change readily, recognizing it as inevitable. Others will learn over time how to be okay with change. Many may at various times in life be triggered by the threat of change, experiencing other-life fears and pains coming to the surface for resolution.

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