Chiron in the Houses

The house of your Chiron tells us what parts of life you might be hypersensitive to the reactions of others to you, perhaps even expecting rejection. It describes what parts of your life you might edit or hide for fear of being rejected or not loved.

Until you own the Chiron wound and learn to bring compassion to what hurts – loving yourself in all the ways that others haven’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, or won’t – this part of life can be difficult for you.

It may seem as there’s something sticky around every corner when you do things associated with this house, and you might wonder what you’re doing wrong and try to avoid these parts of life. You can get beyond the apparent dichotomy of wounded-wounded healer, and compassion for yourself is the key.

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1st House
Chiron in the 1st house says that you feel there’s something wrong with your body or personality in general. You might blow out of proportion something about one of them you feel is imperfect or unlovable, being hypersensitive to how others react to this part of you, such as obsession over the size or shape of your nose, the ratio of the length of your legs to that of your torso, or anything else that’s simply unique about your body. It can also be that you sometimes feel you don’t have the right to exist, as others’ reactions to and treatment of you over time might seem to edit or cut you out. You’re learning to embody uniqueness without fear that others won’t love you, because you’re here to learn to love yourself in all the ways that others can’t, don’t, or won’t.

2nd House
Chiron in the 2nd house is about hypersensitivity to how others react to your values, or what matters to you most, and how you use your resources. If you believe you can’t take care of yourself, know that it’s an inner infant you’re carrying who doesn’t know that you can love yourself. When you were a baby and later a child, what you needed might have seemed irrelevant to others, and this would apply to how you needed to eat and the speed at which you did things. The self-sufficiency natural to the 2nd house can be hindered in you if you let your fear of rejection or abandonment lead in how you shape your life. When you accept your uniqueness when it comes to how you choose to use your time, energy, and money (resources central to life in the 2nd house), you can free yourself to embrace Chiron’s resourcefulness in figuring out new solutions to old problems, valuing your unique approach to life.

3rd House
Chiron in the 3rd house means that your perception and learning functions are colored by Chiron’s uniqueness and energetic sensitivity. You’ll tend to be sensitive to how others hear you, including your voice and the words you use to attempt to get across to them what you’re thinking. It’s important for you to always remember that you’re hypersensitive to how others take your thoughts, voice, and words, and that you shouldn’t take their reactions to you as indicative of what you’re thinking and saying. A sensitivity to emotions and subtle energetic cues informs how your mind works. When you get over what look like judgments and put-downs from others when you speak or share your thoughts, a unique perspective inspired by and imbued with human sensitivity can come through. You must accept your unique way of processing information and communicating with compassion in order to free your mind to bring its unique contribution to any conversation.

4th House
Chiron in the 4th house says that questions about how to deal with emotions and energetic sensitivity were hanging in the air in your family when you were young. In some way, all members of the family are wondering about the right way to deal with sensitivities, insecurities, and the reality that humans can absorb all kinds of emotions from others. Personally, this placement also means that you have a unique path when it comes to learning to admit, acknowledge, and honor your feelings and needs. You’ll have found in life that no one else can validate your needs – even your right to have needs – and this might have inspired you to veer into loneliness or hopelessness. What you need to do is always pay attention to what you feel and need – thereby validating them yourself – no matter what they are. When you accept that you need to treat yourself in certain self-caring ways in order to move through difficult emotions and loneliness (and that it’s okay that no one else can do it for you), then you embrace the unique path that Chiron in the 4th house spells out.

5th House
With Chiron in the 5th house, you tend to be hypersensitive to how others receive your opinions, creativity, and playful self. You might feel it’s too risky to share with others what you think about a given topic, even when you have a clear opinion worked out inside your head, for fear that you’ll be rejected. You’re carrying an inner infant who wasn’t given time, space, and freedom to play and be care-free, and in your adulthood this can make you resistant to opening to sharing what’s unique personal about you and your view on life. It’s important for you to realize that everyone has a certain level of cringe-inducing vulnerability when risking sharing personal things about themselves, but you’re wired to take many reactions from others as indicative of rejection. When you cease taking them personally, you can find the uniqueness in your creativity and self-expression can crack open the hearts of others, disarming their fears of risking sharing their own voice.

6th House
Chiron in the 6th house shows hypersensitivity to how others receive your work and judge how you do things. This can also affect how you do or don’t fit into teams, as you might wonder if you’re worthy of being part of one or capable of pulling your own weight. You might interpret any criticism of what you’re doing or how you’re doing it as telling a truth about your worth as a person, when someone is probably only trying to help you get better at what you’re doing. You’re prone to take criticism too seriously as if it means you have no right to trust yourself or choose your own methods, which can lead to you editing your natural, unique contributions to what needs doing and how it might be done. The gift of Chiron in this house involves a resourcefulness when it comes to streamlining processes, perhaps even inventing them, in the interest of more efficiency. But to get there, you have to accept that all people are in process with learning, mastering, or perfecting a skill, and that just because improvement could be made doesn’t mean the person as a whole is worthless and shouldn’t try.

7th House
Chiron in the house of one-on-one relationships means that you are hypersensitive to how others see you and receive what you have to offer. You will feel worthy of rejection or not worthy of love when you reach out to others and find them to be unavailable. If you take it personally, you will vibrate a painful frequency that will attract more people being unavailable. Underneath whatever you’re wanting or needing from another person is a sense that if he or she responds, then you’re valid and worth love. The major learning curve with Chiron here is to take apparent rejections in stride and not let them define your willingness to accept, love, and validate yourself. It’s time for you to learn that everyone’s susceptible to feeling unloved sometimes and all of us reach out to others to feel less lonely, but you need to validate yourself – and decide with certainty that you’re lovable no matter what – before others will be available to share love with you. Be wary of getting into or staying in relationships because you’re chasing a sense of safety and security you believe will come from another person. Only you can love yourself in the ways that you need and when you do, relationships can become celebrations of being together, not desperate attempts to stave off loneliness.

8th House
With Chiron in the house of intimacy, you’re especially hypersensitive to slights and betrayals, as well as minor hurts, when you trust others. It hurts all of us to find out we’ve been lied to, but you might take someone’s lie to you as telling you you don’t deserve honesty and, therefore, love. You may take even unintentional slights and hurts so personally that you later shut down to your loved ones and refuse to open to intimacy of all kinds (trust, vulnerability, confiding in others, and sexual intimacy). You have a gift for understanding how deep psychological contours can shape how people relate to each other, and when you accept that like all humans you will be hurt at times when you trust others, you will be able to see a way through blocks to openness and heal any and all betrayals and abandonment. Regarding sexuality, you’re deeply sensitive to the energy and emotional exchange that occurs during physical intimacy. Take time with potential partners to explore trust and healing trust issues, and ensure that you don’t assume that someone else’s fear of intimacy means that you’re not worth love.

9th House
With Chiron in the 9th house, your worldview is unique and you might be prone to taking others’ disagreements with you as telling of the worth of your ideas and imagination. Chiron’s uniqueness in this house will have you philosophizing in ways that might not land clearly or well with others at first, as your nonconformist thinking will challenge traditions and expectations. When you tap into the resourceful imagination Chiron brings as a gift for you to give, you can play with ideas at very high levels without taking personally if others don’t agree with you or tell you you and your ideas are strange or absurd. While you may not fit in perfectly with people who believe things (including those with political opinions), you have the capacity to bring new ideas when you’re willing to trust that your different view is, in fact, exposing others to new possibilities.

10th House
Chiron in the house of work, career, and ambition says that you show up in the world as a unique person with different perspectives, becoming a symbol of difference for others. You may be prone to giving too much power to others’ opinion of your work and need to achieve something and find respect in the world, coming to believe that if someone doesn’t get what you’re doing or why, you must be doing something wrong. The truth is that you’re hypersensitive to feeling rejected if someone doesn’t give you a chance to prove what you can do, and this can lead to quite a serious self-esteem problem when it comes to you giving yourself a chance to do something and do it well. What’s really going on is that you are inadvertently bringing a unique perspective to your work, and this might challenge others to face their fears of being unique, stirring them to criticize you for being out of the ordinary. When you can accept that you’re the only person who can truly respect you in any way that actually matters, you’re on your way to validating the unique contribution to the world that your Chiron represents, a gift to make the world a better place by factoring into work and ambition the reality of human sensitivity and needs.

11th House
Chiron in the 11th house says that you are hypersensitive to how others in groups receive you. It’s also about the goals you have for your life and what kind of world/community you want to live in. They’ll be unique, and you’ll be prone to making mountains out of mole hills when others don’t like your ideas/goals. But what’s really going on is that they may be too forward-looking for that particular group, ahead of the time the group sees itself living in. Remember that groups are made up of individuals, and individuals want safety and security! Your Chironic voice may seem outlandish and too science-fictiony to the ears and minds of some people. The trick is to find groups of people who accept new ideas from unique voices, and work with them. To many with Chiron in the 11th house, being part of groups seems to be a problem, but the truth is that you have to find the right group for you, which will be Chironic in some way, and welcoming of Chironic voices. Part of your goals – and, therefore, the groups you hang with – will involve acknowledging the reality of human needs and emotions, and it’s your job to validate that there’s nothing wrong with how you see the world and its future.

12th House
With Chiron in the 12th house, you’re hypersensitive to energies and emotions in your environment, which can include the collective. You may unintentionally absorb suffering of all kinds from the collective unconscious, ultimately finding it hard to be part of the world. Moving this energy you’ve absorbed out is critical, but so is learning to have your heart open but not absorb what’s around you. 12th house planets can seem to inspire a bit (or a ton) of chaos in our psyches because we can’t control what we find when we interface with the collective. But you can learn to accept the reality of what you find in the collective heart without absorbing it, and then opening to new and deeper levels of compassionate awareness of the reality of human suffering. As each human is on a path to learning to go from making choices based in fear into those based in love, you’re in a unique position to encounter all manner of modules of painful scenarios people create for themselves and asserting Chironic love by choosing to have compassion in the face of the suffering you cannot change or stop. Don’t let the fact that people still create pain for themselves as they learn about love stop you from being in your heart and flowing with all that you feel.

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