Natal Chiron Aspects

No natal Chiron aspects are good or bad. Each describes a conversation in your psyche between two planets or points, an unfolding story you’re trying to understand and navigate in healthy ways that make sense.

Natal Chiron aspects point to what in your psyche is talking with the energy antenna of Chiron. Whatever’s going on in your psyche is manifesting in the world around you as other people, groups, and situations, so it’s important to recognize the externals regarding Chiron in your life as indicators of what you can shift inside you for healing, growth, and evolution.

Here’s an overview of major natal aspects:

  • Conjunctions represent merging and blending. If you have a planet conjunct Chiron, you must consider energy and emotion at all times when trying to understand that planet – it can’t get away from energetic and emotional sensitivity.
  • Sextiles are two planets triggering each other, calling for a response. Sextiles don’t stop until you respond, so there’s a potential for acting without thinking, or suddenly setting out with half-baked ideas.
  • Squares between natal planets indicate friction and pressure, and perhaps criticism. Each says to the other, “You’re doing it wrong – here’s a better way.” You can learn a great deal from this process if you’re willing to embrace some humility and learn from different perspectives.
  • Trines with Chiron indicate a positive/constant flow of energy to and from your Chiron to the other planet. Whatever you do with one, the other will support it. Beware of laziness and complacency when it comes to dealing with your own pain and suffering.
  • Oppositions to Chiron are about a part of your psyche not being sure how to admit the reality of pain and past wounding. Take time to cultivate vulnerability and nurture any outstanding wounds, as your default may be to try to ignore what you feel.

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The Sun in your chart describes how you organize a sense of self, and how you develop an ego to run your life (ego doesn’t have to be a bad word if it’s grounded and sane!). Sun-Chiron aspects bring energetic and emotional sensitivity into conversation with how you define who you are. You may try to ignore the vulnerabilities and insecurities that come with Chiron to appear strong, but you’ll have to at some point make peace with emotions of all kinds.

Moon in your chart is about feelings, needs, nurturing, and how you make yourself happy. Moon-Chiron aspects describe how you flow with energy and emotion, and if you’re willing to let yourself feel all you can feel. Your emotional nature can’t help but be aware of the subtle energetic cues in the world around you and from others, and your path involves learning to hold space for all emotions while developing healthy emotional and energetic boundaries.

This axis in your chart tells of how you show up (ASC) and what you expect to and do find in others (DSC). Chiron in aspect to it means that your interactions with others involve learning how to alternatively be sensitive and vulnerable and deal with others who are. This may affect your willingness to be assertive and/or be available to help and heal others.

This axis is about the balance in your life between public and private, work and home – who you are in the world versus who you are at home. Chiron in aspect to this pair of points says that you’re in process of learning how to own your own vulnerability and that of others, and how to heal your emotional issues before you go out into the world and somehow be there for others.

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Mercury in your chart is the planet of perception and communication. Chiron aspecting it says that energetic information – likely in the form of emotional waves – affect how your mind works and how you communicate. If you try to ignore the reality of your and others’ inner emotions, your mind may start to short-circuit, as it takes a lot of energy to keep something out of awareness. If you learn to admit emotion as important and healing as always possible, you can use your mind to articulate subtleties that escape others’ notice but carry the power of truth about the human condition.

Venus in your birth chart represents your values and how you deal with money and possessions, as well as your relating style. Chiron in aspect to your Venus means that vulnerability and insecurity always have some sort of say in these two areas of your life. As Chiron is about what in us we may doubt is worthy, a Venus aspect with it can indicate that you hesitate when it comes to developing or asserting your values, and maybe you have a problem saying “yes” and “no” when you need to in all kinds of relationships. You might do these things to avoid being alone.

Mars within you is all about desire, passion, defense, protection, and rescue. Chiron in aspect with your Mars says that you might doubt your strength, your right to do what you want, or even your right to exist. Your will needs to incorporate the awareness of subtle human realities including vulnerabilities and insecurities in order to function well. You might expect rejection when you go after what you want.

Your Jupiter represents how you do and don’t believe things, and how you’re doing with willing to risk, and have faith and hope. Chiron in conversation with it is about sensitizing your worldview or beliefs to the reality of the human condition. If you insist on something being true in the face of cases of it not being true, Chiron will try to insert its energy antenna into the conversation, bringing you to feel deeply something that might not fit with your beliefs. Ideally, these aspects can enrich your worldview and beliefs to reflect the importance of choosing compassion in the face of suffering, but proceeding anyway.

Saturn in your natal chart describes your relationship with structure, discipline, maturity, and reality. With Chiron in aspect to it, your rules and discipline will at times rub up against the need to pause and feel something deeply. Maturity with one of these aspects doesn’t come from ignoring the emotions of others or stuffing your own, but from developing realistic, grounded, consistent ways to manage feelings and heal past wounding.

Uranus within you needs to innovate, individuate, and create freedom, or risk becoming bored and complacent. With Chiron in aspect to your natal Uranus, you’re confronted with the need to be sensitive to the effects of change, but figure out how to honor the fact that it must happen. Most people born between 1951 and 1991 have natal Uranus and Chiron in opposition.

Neptune in your chart tells of your need to connect to a higher level of wisdom or truth – beyond your left brain and its clever tricks and rackets – and how you might absorb energies from the world around you as you seek to be connected with all of life. With Chiron in aspect to it, your energy antenna is picking up on a great deal of subtle and broad cues, potentially making you wonder if you need to isolate in order to be sane. Grounding and clearing out stuff that doesn’t belong to you is key, as is choosing to have compassion in the face of the problems of the world.

Pluto represents the empowerment journey your soul sets out for you as a human. It’s about strength and confidence, and the best to way to create them is leaving behind external measures of what we think power is and moving into deep self-acceptance, which includes healthy shadow work and the processing of fear, pain, anger, and other difficult energies. With Chiron in aspect to your Pluto, you may feel a great deal of fear in facing what you think isn’t perfect about you, or what you know you hold onto that keeps you from growing into the person you can be. Compassionate courage is key to one of these aspects as you learn the limits of healing and helping others while still maintaining a sense of being able to get done what matters to you most.

Nodes of the Moon
The nodes in your chart represent an arc of growth and development over the course of many lifetimes. Specifically, the South Node (SN) describes the environments you’re born into in many lifetimes, so your families of origin in many lifetimes are in part indicated by your SN. Consider your SN a familiar place based in habits and preferences, and you’ll generally expect the world to conform to its symbolism. You’ll also retreat there when stressed and challenged – it’s a home base. Because the nodes are significantly different than planets, here are some aspects to Chiron spelled out in more detail than the planets above.

The North Node (NN), by contrast, is what’s been left out of your soul’s many lifetimes. You haven’t been taught healthy ways of living out your NN symbolism. It’s likely that you’ll resist your NN because it’s foreign, the opposite of who you’ve been shown and told you are in many lives – you’d never want to be like those people.

Chiron conjunct the SN says that your multilife journey and families again and again are saturated with Chironic sensitivity. Whether they/you respond as wounded or wounded healer can’t be seen in your chart, but know that you’re full of energetic sensitivity and need to sort out what of all threads of Chiron living you want to embody and carry forward.

Chiron sextile the SN says that you’re wired to be stimulated by the energy and emotions in the world around you. You might stick with SN-related habits and, thereby, be distracted by all the helping and healing that needs to be done around you. Learn to recognize that we all suffer and feel pain, and for all of us that is central to our journey of becoming the source of love for ourselves. And so, sometimes, the best thing you can do is let someone work through his or her own pain as a path to growth.

Chiron square the nodes says you and your family have an unresolved issue when it comes to dealing with pain, suffering, vulnerability, and insecurity in the self … which will more often than not show up in dealing with others. Why to have compassion and for how long is a question that will hang in the air in your life, and you need to develop healthy energetic/emotion boundaries that are not just about cutting off the flow of emotions and energetic information.

Chiron trine your SN says that you are very aware most (if not all) of the time about who needs help why and when. You might keep yourself busy being available to others who are suffering, potentially getting into patterns in which you don’t honor your own needs. It’s important for you to see how you can help others in need but also give them time and space to figure out how to heal themselves. Just because you can help doesn’t mean you’re always supposed to.

Chiron conjunct your NN indicates that you have not been taught in many lifetimes how to honor your own or others’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. You may have some ungrounded fears of dealing with – processing – difficult emotions in others while often entirely missing the truth that you have them, too. Your job is to embrace your sensitivity and honor your needs in ways that no one else ever has been able or willing to do.

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