Transits to Chiron

Planets transiting in aspect to your natal Chiron are affecting how open you are to feeling, as well as how sensitive you are to energy. If you carry any Chironic expectation of being rejected, or that you’re somehow not worth loving, transiting planets will attempt to get you to move through and heal it.

Consider transiting planets as asking your Chiron questions. Often this takes place through other people, opportunities, and challenges that come to you from the outside world. How you respond – whether with more openness or less – determines much of your experience of this time.

A good overview for understanding the major aspects is as follows:

  • Conjunctions infuse energy into your Chiron, filling it with stimulation from the inside out.
  • Sextiles trigger and poke your Chiron, sometimes not stopping until you respond. A key is to choose conscious intentions.
  • Squares bring pressure and friction, asking you to change. The transiting planet is saying to your Chiron, “There’s something else you need to be doing, or do something differently – let me show you.”
  • Trines send a boost of energy that will make louder however you experience your Chiron. The opportunity is to grow through a supportive infusion of energy, but you can also use the trine to establish or give into complacency.
  • Oppositions bring a challenge or confrontation, revealing to you something about how you use Chiron energy so you can see how to let go of the old and step into better, healthier patterns regarding how you deal with emotions and energetic sensitivity.

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Jupiter transits to Chiron bring questions about belief, faith, hope, and expansion to your sensitive nature. Jupiter in transit asks, “Are you willing to allow that tomorrow can be better than today?” Your answer will be revealed to be wrapped up in how willing you are to admit vulnerability and insecurity, and how open you are to feeling your original Chiron wound from infancy and getting over feeling worthy of rejection. This transits will try to inspire you to grow through going deeper into your heart and owning all of your humanity, as well as the heart-opening power that grows from choosing compassion in the face of suffering.

Saturn transits to your Chiron ask if you’re being realistic, grounded, mature, and productive about how you deal with your emotions, uniqueness, and past wounding. If you carry your inner infant’s fears of being rejectable – not worth loving and supporting – a Saturn transit will reveal it to you in clear, black-and-white terms. During this time, you have the opportunity to become for yourself now the kind of parent you wish you had when a child: unconditionally supportive, attentively nurturing and mentoring, and strong and compassionate in the face of whatever you feel, never flinching when you need love.

Uranus transits to natal Chiron ask you to free yourself from the self-imposed limits you might carry from long ago, when as a child you felt you might have been for some reason not worth unconditional love. Uranus is challenging you to open your heart and heal all past wounds so their debris no longer can hold you back from fully being yourself without apology. Uranus’ lightning bolts of intuition are trying to revolutionize your experience of Chiron’s sensing and feeling, potentially leading to a significant intuitive opening, as long as you’re willing to incorporate new levels of self-validation and self-care.

Neptune transits to your natal Chiron try to soften any defenses you have when it comes to opening and sharing your heart. Key to this process is ever-higher levels of compassion while clearing what energies and emotions you might have picked up and absorbed, as well as choosing to open the heart and refusing to absorb all you experience. A Neptune transit to natal Chiron can leave you feeling extremely sensitive, opening a door to learning more about managing energy and emotion, and learning more about operating yourself consciously as an energetic being.

Pluto transits to your Chiron ask you face the worst of your childhood wounding and self-esteem issues, challenging you to powerfully step forward and accept all that you feel and have felt throughout your entire life. This time is a unique opportunity to get inside your defenses and shielding, what you might use to keep others from seeing and getting into your heart, and learn to courageously release them in order to more fully inhabit your heart and, as a result, your willingness to embody the power of compassion in the face of any and all suffering.

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