The Chiron Healing Intensive

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Join me for a unique and enlightening 4-day exploration into the deeper meaning of Chiron to come out of the apparent–but false–dichotomy of wounded-wounded healer.

My Chiron teaching began as channeled wisdom from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) in 2008, when I asked this being what would happen in 2012 with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

The answers were entirely about a new approach to Chiron and healing. They focused on this Centaur as a marker of energetic and emotional sensitivity that’s central to human evolution as we head toward the Aquarian Age. Since then I’ve developed this into a spiritual/astrological teaching that is opening hearts, healing the past, and showing people new directions into human evolution through compassion and acceptance.

In this unique healing intensive, I’ll teach you how to work with and honor the inner child who carries the Chironic wound.

Chiron book(For the full story on my Chiron teaching, see the Chiron audio course or my Chiron book, which is a transcription of that course. I also offer a Chiron natal report that will explain your Chiron house, sign, natal aspects, and transits and progressions to your Chiron, as well as transits of Chiron to the rest of your chart.)

Essentially, each human feels a sense of rejection as an infant, leading to all manner of patterns as she or he grows up to do everything possible to avoid being rejected again. When the Chironic inner self takes over, the person feels helpless and unloved as the inner child is now in charge. Many of us live our lives in confusing cycles of this temporary take over, and I will show you how to end it so your adult self can remain in charge of your life with compassion, acceptance, and healthy approaches to emotion, nurturing, and care.

Through meditations and energy work sessions woven into personal readings for all attendees, I’ll hold space for your Chiron wound to unfold and teach you how to do the same. We’ll listen to that part of you, giving our full attention to the inner child who needs to know she or he is unconditionally loved, accepted, and supported.

Expect deep pain that has vexed and/or haunted you to come to the surface, and expect it to find time and space to unwind and release.

We’ll also explore in detail what I call energy management, which includes grounding, energetic and emotional boundaries, and energetic self-care techniques all humans need to learn now.

Join me for this unique opportunity to dive into self-validation and emotional/energetic self-care!

The Schedule
The program will meet from 9 AM to 5 PM Thursday through Sunday. We’ll take breaks including lunch, and it ends up being a bit over 6 hours of meeting time each day. The material brings up a lot of deep emotional content, so the breaks are needed for periodic grounding and regrouping.

Other Details
Within a month of the intensive’s completion, I’ll provide you with the complete recording.

What past attendees of a Pluto Healing Intensive have to say about working with me in this format:

Thank you so much for a truly great and truly intense workshop. I would not have traveled to Sedona for just any old teacher or any old workshop!  Only for intense work lead by a really great teacher, astrologer, and channel. 

I thought the workshop was really valuable and useful with the combination of instruction, wisdom, intense gentle and intentional meditations and focused, personal, powerfully insightful readings. The combinations of teachings, guided meditations and personal readings lead to deep, meaningful and profound openings, clearings and strengthened awareness, all of which was really valuable and quite remarkable for four days. Thank you for all of your hard work, channeling and knowledge. 

It was really wonderful to meet all of you and I think 6 was a great number for this workshop. I really appreciated everyone being SO REAL AND OPEN. It was incredible. I learned so much from witnessing each and every person’s process. I greatly appreciated all of your support and intentionality with witnessing my story. Thank you.

M. Oregon

I feel the Pluto Intensive had a profound effect on me in a positive manner …. I deeply appreciate the hard work you put into making this Intensive successful. Tom, you are an excellent teacher, astrologer, guide, channeler, and medium. A wise, empathic, articulate, and sensitive Shaman.

D., Illinois

Tom’s gifts of channeling and holding space of unconditional love in the room is with the highest respect to your capacity to healing.

I knew the Pluto Intensive was going to be life changing; what I didn’t know is how much. I got my dignity back! For that I am so thankful to Tom Jacobs for doing his soul work on this planet.

M., Laval, QC, Canada